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Product samples for Shanghai Xinao Numerical Control Equipment Co., Ltd. Are exhibited in GMPC of ETW Japan.

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Photo Frame and Cross Stitch

Photo frame and cross stitch is an AOKE newly designed equipment widely used in gallery, frame factory, cross stitch workshop, mounting shop and the like. It has 45 and 55 degree cutting angles to process vertical letters or pictures. In addition, our product features low breakdown rate, low maintenance fees and excellent stability. DCX30 series is available.

As a China photo frame and cross stitch manufacturer and supplier, we also offer sign and display flatbed digital cutter, cutting plotter, flatbed cutting machine, among others.

Other Products
  • XZ Series Costume Pattern Cutting Plotter XZ series costume pattern cutting plotter is designed to meet high-level market requirement. The international standard machine is equipped with cutting tool and plotting pen. And the magnetic plotting pen has greatly improved the cutting and plotting performance. Also the equipment has optional paper feeding system. It provides high cutting speed with imported servo and is compatible with any CAD software. With rotating cutting, it features impressive precision. Our product is mainly used for cutting and plotting in clothing industry...
  • GD0906 Series Shoe Pattern Cutting Plotter GD0906 series shoe pattern cutting plotter is an equipment which is used for high-level cutting accuracy. It is equipped with spring plotting pen and special cutting knife, and employs imported steel belt for power driving. The equipment not only offers high precision and speed, stable capability and easy operation, but also compatibility with any CAD software. GD0906 series applies vacuum to hold cutting sheet, while GD0906N series applies glue mat to hold cutting sheet. Our product is warmly received by customers and widely applied in shoes industry...