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Product samples for Shanghai Xinao Numerical Control Equipment Co., Ltd. Are exhibited in GMPC of ETW Japan.

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Sign and Display Flatbed Digital Cutter

Sign and display flatbed digital cutter is designed for individualized display materials. Equipped with flatbed UV, it can form a small assembly line from printing to manufacturing, and realizes individualized display effect. What's more, it can inject vigor and vitality for marketing and advertisement, making the advertisement more attractive. Materials our digital flatbed cutter can process include honeycomb board, PP, acrylic etc.

Cutting machines for sign and display industry we offer cover the DCH30, DCH50, DCZ50, DCZ70, DCZ70R, DCZ71/DCZ72, DCZ75, DCZ75R and DCZ76/DCZ77 series. The DCH30 and DCH50 ones are mainly used to cut sign materials while the DCZ50, DCZ70, DCZ70R, DCZ75 and DCZ75R ones are used to cut advertisement materials, like honeycomb board, PP, etc. Besides sign and advertisement materials, the DCZ71/72 and DCZ76/DCZ77 cutter can also cut hard materials such as acrylic and cigarette packet.

Our company is a major sign and display flatbed digital cutter manufacturer and supplier in China. We also provide gasket, flatbed digital cutter, LGP V-cutter, and much more.

Other Products
  • DE Series Costume Pattern Cutting Plotter DE series costume pattern cutting plotter which adopts imported steel belt for power driving is furnished with spring plotting pen and special cutting knife and used for common cutting accuracy. It provides optional paper feeding system according to clients' requirements. Our product comes with high speed and convenient use. In addition, the equipment's convenient operation makes it compatible with any CAD software. Due to its high quality, reasonable price and reliable performance, our product is well received and widely used for garment pattern cutting or plotting. ..
  • ESF Series Costume Pattern Cutting Plotter ESF series costume pattern cutting plotter is the high-level cutting equipment which employs servo to reach surging power. It is equipped with cutting tool and plotting pen. Also it has optional paper feeding system. The international standard cutting plotter offers a long life span and is compatible with any CAD software. Our product can cut thick paper board. Compared with DE and GD series, it holds faster cutting speed, higher reliability and accuracy. Our product is the preferred costume pattern cutting plotter...