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Textile Cutting Plotter

AOKE textile cutting plotter specially provides apparel industry with a complete set of cutting solution from apparel pattern cutting to multilayer flatbed cutting. It has greatly improved the efficiency compared to the traditional manual sample making. The DCF10 series sewing pattern cutter is another revolutionary product developed by our company, apart from the former pattern cutters. With this sewing pattern cutter, even the green hand worker is able to reach the standardized production requirement in the sewing procedure. In this way, costume enterprise can improve its product quality without relying on skilled workers. Through continually updating, our product enjoys sound reputation in the sector. Besides, our multi-layer cutting system as the first domestic multilayer flatbed cutting equipment has terminated the technological monopoly of foreign enterprises. Due to its enormous influence, multi-layer cutting system has been honored as Shanghai high-tech achievement project. As a supplement to the multi-layer cutting system, the low-layer cutting system is suitable for various cutting applications due to its high cutting speed and cutting accuracy.

We offer the DE, GD, XZ, ESF, DCF10, DCF30, DCF30R, DCF70 DCF70R and DCM50 series cutting system used in textile industry. Among these models, the DE, GD, XZ and ESF series are used for costume pattern cutting and plotting. The DCF10 series is mainly for sewing template processing. The DCF30, DCF30R, DCF70, DCF70R and DCM50 cutting systems are appropriate for cutting low-layer and multi-layer cloth.

As an experienced textile cutting plotter manufacturer and supplier in China, we provide a variety of products, including automotive interior decoration, digital flatbed cutter, shoe pattern cutting plotter, among others.

Other Products
  • DCG30/DCG31 Series Electronic Die Cutting Machine DCG30/DCG31 series electronic die cutting machine is a machine specially designed for sample making in electronic industry and mainly applicable for photoelectric material, flexible printed circuit board, and touch film switch. Compared with die cutting and laser cutting machine, it enjoys the advantages of high precision with 0.05m, high speed, low cost, and excellent cutting quality. Our machine is equipped with spring plotting pen and special cutting knife. Through and half cutting could be done in one time. In addition, when equipped with creasing tool...
  • DCG50/DCG51 Series Laser Position Electronic Die Cutting Machine Compared to DCG30/DCG31, it has widened the application range with the added function of positioning. What's more, it is distinct from die cutting and laser cutting machine for enjoying the advantages of high accuracy with 0.05m, high speed, low cost, and excellent cutting quality. DCG50 series employs vacuum pump to hold the material, while DCG51 series employs electrostatic board. Our product is primarily applicable for the sample making of photoelectric material, flexible printed circuit board and touch film switch...