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Sewing Pattern Cutter

Sewing Pattern Cutter

Name: DCF10 Series Sewing Pattern Cutter
Hot Selling Model: DCF101209, DCF101509, DCF101512
Equipped Tool: Milling Cutter, Pen
Main Cutting Materials: Acrylic, Aluminum Plate, etc.
Application: Sewing Template, Carving, etc.

Product Introduction
DCF10 series sewing pattern cutter is mainly used for making costume template in the template sewing process. It is equipped with a computer-controlled high speed router system which is able to cut perfect groove on materials to make high quality costume template. Template sewing technology helps optimize production line, improve production efficiency, ensure the costume quality and reduce labor cost.

Our costume template cutter overcomes the disadvantages of low efficiency and inaccuracy of manual grooving. In addition, compared with laser grooving which is of high cost and may produce bad smell, this product is more economical and environmental-friendly.

1. Liner guide driving ensures high cutting accuracy.
2. This sewing pattern cutter comes with a dust collection system which can effectively collect the scraps.
3. High speed router enables our sewing pattern cutting equipment to process all kinds of template materials.

With router and pen, our sewing pattern cutter is capable of making costume template and engraving different kinds of hard materials.

Knife Tool
No. Photo Name Application Note
1 Router Suitable for cutting hard materials with thickness less than 10mm, such as PVC, acrylic, plastic board, etc.
No. Photo Name Application Note
1 Pen Drawing, writing and marking
Technical Parameters
Model DCF101509 DCF101512 DCF101809
Effective cutting area (mm) 1500×900 1500×1200 1800×900
Configuration Router, pen
Driver Step motor
Suction method Vacuum
Cutting material Acrylic, PVC, plastic and other template materials
Maximum speed 400mm/s
Router speed 25000RPM
Maximum cutting thickness 10mm
Precision ≤0.1mm
Data port Serial port, parallel port, USB port
Instruction set HPGL or DXF, compatible with any CAD software
Voltage 220V±10% 50Hz
Dimension (L×W×H) 2200×1700×1700mm 2200×2000×1700mm 2500×1700×1700mm
Note Dimension of the costume pattern cutter can be customized.
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