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KASEMAKE Carton Box Design Software

Name: KASEMAKE Carton Box Design Software
Application: Packaging, Knife Die, Design Studio, Display, Advertising, etc.

Product Introduction
KASEMAKE carton box design software developed by European senior software manufacturer AGCAD enjoys sound reputation in western countries. It covers all the functions of the box design software. Also, unique 2D drafting tools and parametric design libraries are adopted. The equipment not only comes with stunning 3D capabilities, powerful typesetting function, and comprehensive exchange formats, but also offers easy design editing. With excellent performance, our product is designed for high level packaging design market.

AGCAD is the sole agent of AOKE box sample making machine in European, while AOKE company is the sole agent of AGCAD company of its KASEMAKE products and responsible for all the sales and after sell service in China.

KASEMAKE is the complete packaging design solution, with everything you need in one package. Combining powerful design capabilities with presentation and production capabilities, KASEMAKE is always the designer's choice. Contact us for a personal demonstration and see the difference for yourself.

As a professional digital cutter manufacturer and supplier in China, we offer flatbed digital cutter, LGP V-cutter, mount cutter machine, costume pattern cutting plotter, among others.

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