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Multi-Layer Cutting System

Multi-Layer Cutting System

Product Introduction
DCM50 series multi-layer cutting system which belongs to the Shanghai high-tech achievement project, is AOKE independently developed textile cutting system and holds independent intellectual property rights. The equipment is furnished with multi-function cutting blade and automatically blade sharpening system to achieve intelligent operation. With double wheel-style blade sharpening stone and intelligent machine head, it provides excellent cutting quality with high precision. And the max cutting thickness is 5cm. Our product is especially suitable for clothes manufacturing.

Parameter List
DCM50 series multi-layer cutting system's popular models include DCM501720, DCM502020 and DCM502320. Also, the cutting size could be customized according to customers' actual requirements.

Model DCM501720-5 DCM502020-5 DCM502320-5
Effective cutting area (mm) 1700×2000 2000×2000 2300×2000
(1700×3300) (2000×3300) (2300×3300)
Max. thickness of the materials (after be absorbed) 50mm
Max. mechanical speed 45m/min
Cutting way Up and down repeated movement style
Power AC380N/50Hz Max. 60kw/ Max. 36kw
Air compressor Air pressure Air flow 0.55MPa(5.5kgf/cm²) 160NL/min
Connecting way of CAD and CAM Net/software disk/bar code
Blade sharpening system Double-wheeled contra-rotating
Total weight(kg) 2000 2200 2400

As a China-based multi-layer cutting system manufacturer and supplier, we at AOKE also provide shoe pattern cutting plotter, mount cutter machine, digital flatbed cutter, and more.

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