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LGP V-Cutter

LGP V-Cutter

DCS50 series LGP V-cutter is jointly developed by AOKE and Feelis Company in Korea. It is equipped special cutting knife to engrave V-groove on acrylic LGP. The LGP processed with our LGP cutting machinery has the following features.

1. High light conversion ratio, 40% higher than common LGP
2. Uniform light distribution
3. Long lifespan
4. Safe and environment friendly
5. Higher luminous efficiency and lower energy consumption, compared with the LGP in the same size and luminance
6. The LGP processed with our LGP V-cutter is the first choice for the production of ultra-thin light box, because the thinner LGP has the same lightness with that of thicker one, and is cost-saving.
7. Available in the shape of round, ellipse, arc, triangle, etc.
8. Suitable for the production of ultra-large LGP, because of the seamlessness and uniform light guiding performance.

Knife Tool
No. Photo Name Application Note
1 Special engraving knife Any kind of acrylic and light box within 10mm.

Parameter List
The standard models of LGP V-cutter are DCS501812, DCS502412 and DCS503016. In addition, other sizes can be customized.

Model DCS501812 DCS502412 DCS503016
Effective Cutting Area 1800×1200mm 2400×1200mm 3000×1600mm
Max. Speed 1000mm/s
Precision <0.05mm
Material Thickness <10mm
Configuration Special engraving knife
Voltage 220v±10% 50Hz
Drive Mode Servo drive
Data Format HPGL, DXF, PDF
Dimension(L×W×H) 2365×2070×1100mm 2965×2070×1100mm 3565×2470×1100mm

Note: order for customized product is also welcomed.


As a specialized LGP V-cutter manufacturer and supplier in China, AOKE also provides flatbed digital cutter, mount cutter machine, shoe pattern cutting plotter, among others.

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