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Mount Cutter Machine

Mount Cutter Machine

Name: DCX30 Series Mount Cutter Machine
Hot Selling Model: DCX301209, DCX301610, DCX302412
Extra Function: Knurling, Drawing
Equipped Tool: 55 Degree Cardboard Knife
Main Cutting Materials: Cardboard
Application: Processing and production of photo frame, cardboard and cross-stitch

Product Introduction
DCX30 series mount cutting machine is a newly AOKE designed equipment with better performance compared with the previous model. The function of 45 degree and 55 degree angle cutting offers stable and easy operation. It is very suitable for picture card paper frame cutting and 3D calligraphy cutting in gallery, cross stitch shop and frame factories.

1. As the profit expert, the most advanced and useful DCX30 mount cutting machine is extensively used in sectors like gallery, cross stitch shop, frame factory, etc.
2. It adopts foreign advanced control card to realize high cutting speed. In addition, imported linear guides are equipped to ensure accurate cutting.
3. Diversified cutting can be realized with intellectual head, such as profile hole, V-groove and outer frame with flower types.
4. The equipment comes with reliable performance and enjoys sound reputation at home and abroad since the first AOKE frame cutting machine was established in the year of 2003.
5. It features easy operation with powerful AOKECUT software and 30 degree angle table. The replacement of blade can be accomplished within several seconds.
6. Our product is the first international advanced level frame cutting machine which has self-owned intellectual property rights in China. It not only comes with reasonable price, also low maintenance and usage cost.

Knife Tool
No. Photo Name Application Note
1 Knife To cut any types of card paper within 3mm.

Parameter List
The popular models of DCX30 mount cutting machine are DCX301208, DCX301610 and DCX302412. Also, other sizes can be customized.

Model DCX301208 DCX301610 DCX302412
Effective Cutting Area 1200*880mm 1600*1000mm 2400*1200mm
Max. Acceleration Speed 4500mm /s2
Max. Speed 600mm /s
Precision ≤0.05mm
Max. Cutting Thickness 3mm
Cutting Angle 45/55°
Dimension(L×W×H) 1810×1330×1430mm 2210×1530×1430mm 3010×1730×1430mm

Note: Custom-made product is available.


45 degree cutting tool
The 45 degree cutting tool is applicable for cutting 45 degree bevel edge, to manufacturing the paperboard with distinct stereoscopic cutting effect.

Creasing tool and plotting pen
The creasing tool and the plotting pen can be used for creasing or plotting different patterns on the paperboard, for enjoyable visual effect.


Our company is an experienced mount cutter machine manufacturer, based in China. We offer a wide range of products, including flatbed cutting machine, pressure control electronic die cutting machine, LGP V-cutter, and much more.

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