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Box Cutting Machine

Box Cutting Machine

Name: DCH50 Series Box Cutting Machine
Hot Selling Model: DCH501209
Equipped Tool: Knife, Pen, Creasing Roller
Main Cutting Materials: E Corrugated Paper, PP, PE, PVC and Cardboard, etc.
Application: Samples making, cutting and small volume production in the industries such as packaging, printing, advertising, marking, display, handbag, and luggage, etc.

Product Introduction
The DCH50 series color box cutting machine is specially developed for making samples with paperboard and E corrugated board. The color box cutter is equipped with drag knife, plotting pen, creasing tool, and laser light. The color box cutting machine is capable of saving investment cost for small and medium application, though the application scope is smaller.

Integrating the functions of sample making, plotting, and so on, the color box cutting machinery is generally used for cutting hardboard, PVC film, cardboard, grey board, E corrugated board, and skis. In addition, this product also supports positioning cutting of the printed material. Characterized by stable operation, high speed, and high accuracy, the color box cutting machine is an ideal tool for cutting and making sample for color box, cutting mould, packaging, composite material, mark making, etc.

1. Imported servo system for high accuracy
2. Streamlined design, elegant appearance
3. Triple tool head, practical and convenient for use

Knife Tool
No. Photo Name Application Note
1 Drag knife Cutting range: within 3mm. Cutting materials: paperboard, kraft paper, gray board, offset board, self-adhesive paper and compound materials, E corrugated paper, etc.
2 Special knife Cutting range: within 2mm. Cutting materials: paperboard, kraft paper, gray board, offset board and self-adhesive paper, etc.
*3 Double edge knife It is suitable for cutting the thick materials such as grey board, KT board, PP, etc. Optional
Creasing Wheel
No. Photo Name Application Note
1 2mm creasing wheel Creasing thickness: within 2mm, suitable material: corrugated board, paperboard, kraft paper, gray board, offset board, self-adhesive paper and compound materials, etc.
*2 PVC creasing wheel Used for PVC, plastic box, corrugated plastic, etc. Optional
No. Photo Name Application Note
1 Pen Drawing

Parameter List
The standard models of the DCH50 series box cutting machine are DCH501209 and DCH501512. Customized cutter is also available and the maximum customized cutting size is 3500mm×2000mm.

Model DCH501209 DCH501512
Effective Cutting Area 1200×900mm 1500×1200mm
Configuration Rotation knife, pen, creasing tool, laser position
Drive Mode Servo drive
Max. Speed 1000mm /s
Min. Cutting Diameter 3mm
Maximum Cutting Thickness 3mm card paper and E corrugated paper
Precision ≤0.1mm
Vacuum 1.5kw
Data Format HPGL, DXF
Voltage 220v±10% 50Hz
Data Port PCI port
Data Transmission Speed 10MB/s
Input Cushion Area 32MB
Dimension(L×W×H) 1760×1700×1100mm 2060×2000×1100m

Note: customized service is also welcomed.

Color Paper Box E Corrugated Thin PVC
Ski Card Paper Box Grey Board
Card Paper

As a specialized box cutting machine manufacturer in China, we at AOKE also provide electronic die cutting machine, pressure control electronic die cutting machine, LGP V-cutter, and more.

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