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Product samples for Shanghai Xinao Numerical Control Equipment Co., Ltd. Are exhibited in GMPC of ETW Japan.

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Shanghai Xinao Numerical Control Equipment Co., Ltd.
Add.: No.279 Guanghua Rd.Songjiang Technology Area, Shanghai, China
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Cutting Equipment Manufacturer

Shanghai Xinao Numerical Control Equipment Company Ltd., derived from the Wenzhou AOKE Cutting Machine Factory, is specialized in the development, production, and marketing of CAD/CAM project databases and related electromechanical integration equipment including flatbed digital cutter, paper box cutting machine, electronic die cutting machine, mount cutter machine, cutting plotter, and more. We consistently uphold "probing mysteries, advocating science" as the company's main tenet, and our corporate philosophy is "people foremost, innovative development." Through continuous technological progress and scientific management, we continue to experience rapid growth and stability. >> More

  • DCZ76/DCZ77 Series High Speed Flatbed Digital CutterIt can cut various kinds of materials, such as corrugated paper, honeycomb board, paperboard, foam, grey board, KT board, PVC expansion sheet, etc. Materials used in advertisement industry, like hard plastic, acrylic and PVC can also be cut by our digital flatbed cutting machine. This product can be used for sample making and small scale production in the industries of packaging, printing, advertisement, etc.
  • DCZ75 Series High Speed Flatbed Digital CutterTable of this digital corrugated board cutter is designed with a new vacuum zone and adopts steel frame instead of the original section material frame. This new design endows the cutting machine with stronger suction capacity and more stable mechanical property.
    Automatic tool setting system makes tool replacement more convenient. After replacing the knife tools, you just need to press the button and then depth of the knife tool will be set automatically.
  • Flatbed Digital Cutter
  • DCZ70 Series High Speed Flatbed Digital Cutter DCZ70 series high speed digital flatbed cutter is AOKE newly developed carton box sample making system with performance greatly improved compared with the original design. It not only offers better processing speed, higher processing precision, and more convenient operation, but also gorgeous appearance. Materials like corrugated board, chipboard, foam board, plastic board, thin wood board, leather, cloth, etc, can be cut with our cutter. DCZ70 series sample making machine can be used for cutting, creasing and drawing and is widely suitable for sample ...
  • DCF70R series Convey Belt Cutting SystemDCF70R series convey belt cutting system is developed based on the DCF70 cutting machine. Retaining all the functions the DCF70 cutting machine has, this cutting bed equipment has a convey belt for material transportation. Thanks to the convey belt, finished cut materials will be moved out of the cutting area automatically, while those uncut materials will be automatically moved in.
  • Mount Cutter Machine
  • DCX 30 Series Mount Cutter Machine DCX30 series mount cutting machine is a newly AOKE designed equipment with better performance compared with the previous model. The function of 45 degree and 55 degree angle cutting offers stable and easy operation. It is very suitable for picture card paper frame cutting and 3D calligraphy cutting in gallery, cross stitch shop and frame factories.
    As the profit expert, the most advanced and useful DCX30 mount cutting machine is extensively ...
  • DCE30 Series Inkjet Cutting Plotter
  • DCE30 Series Inkjet Cutting PlotterAs a masterpiece product for costume pattern cutting produced by our company, the DCE30 series inkjet cutting plotter integrates the advanced inkjet technology and flatbed cutting technology to achieve high speed printing and high precision cutting at one time, increasing costume pattern making efficient at a large degree.
  • DCG70/DCG71 Series Pressure Control Electronic Die Cutting Machine
  • DCG70/DCG71 Series Pressure Control Electronic Die Cutting Machine DCG70/DCG71 series pressure control electronic die cutting machine is a new generation on the merits of DCG50/DCG51 and employs the newly designed pressure control machine head and laser position to achieve better cutting quality and performance. It is equipped with spring plotting pen and special cutting knife. Through and half cutting could be done in one time. In addition, when equipped with creasing tool, creasing and cutting could be done in one time. What's more, our equipment is different from die cutting and laser cutting machine holding advantages ...
  • Flatbed Digital Cutter
  • DCH50 Series Color Box Cutting Machine DCH50 series box cutting machine also called carton box sample making machine is primarily applied to craft paper and E corrugated board. Being equipped with plotting pen, drag knife tool and creasing tool, it is not only available for creasing and drawing, but also can easily cut the materials with thickness no more than 3mm like chipboard, PVC film, grey paper board, etc. Compared to DCZ series model, DCH series can help clients save the cost of investment...
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  • 2014 China(shanghai) IPHE
    Date: 04.08-04.10. 2014

    2014 Sino-corrugated
    Date: 04.10-04.11. 2014

    The 10th International Adhesive tape Protective Films & Optical Film (Shanghai) Expo 2014
    Date: 05.20-05.22. 2014

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